Nichol Lancaster Photography | Off To The Studio I Go!

So, sometimes in life you have to eat crow.  This would be the case for me.  When I decided to make to go pro with my photography, I vowed to never step foot in a studio.  I would stay true to my word on always being a natural light photographer.  I changed my mind.  Here's why:

  • Newborn babies don't like it when it's 32 or 95 degrees outside.  More importantly, mommy doesn't either.  You know the old saying...If momma ain't happy then nobody's happy.  Photographer needs to be happy too!
  • Occassionally, I have clients ask for a studio setting.  In particular, the bride who wants that traditional portrait hanging in her living room.
  • Headshots. Headshots. Headshots.  Need I say more?
  • More importantly, the North Carolina winters send everyone into hibernation, including myself.  I cannot go through one more winter and not be behind the camera.  I need to work.  Yes, to make money, but more importantly to be inspired.  I have to keep moving and creating.  It's just who I am.